TravelSafe FAQ

At TravelSafe, we value your business. That’s why we’ll do everything we can to answer any questions you may have. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about TravelSafe Insurance.

If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 1-888-885-7233. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you!

Yes, if you purchased a plan before December 19th, 2018 and would like to view your plan document/certificate, please click here ».

If you booked your trip through a travel agent and they offer you TravelSafe Insurance, we encourage you to buy your plan directly from your travel agent. However, any legal resident of the U.S. who is medically able to travel can buy a TravelSafe plan.

When you quote a plan, you use the age you are on that date. However, for all TravelSafe plans, your official age is determined on the effective date of your plan. The effective date is always one day after purchase. If your birth date is 1 day after the day you are quoting the plan, the plan cost will be adjusted as you enter your official birthdate on the enrollment page.

Let’s break it down:

I am 55 years of age on July 1st, 2019, when I quoted my plan. My birthdate is July 2nd, 1964. I enter their birthdate in on the enrollment plan. My effective date is July 2nd, 2019. So, on my effective date, I am actually 56 years old and the premium will be reflective of their age on that day.

No! Travel insurance generally covers unforeseen circumstances which can occur only after your policy is in effect.

We treat trip cancellation as a benefit within our policies, not its own insurance plan. All of our plans include trip cancellation and are paired with various important benefits to make your policy more effective.

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While it is possible to pay less through a cruise line or tour operator, it is usually at the expense of your coverage. The benefits are generally more restrictive with lower limits and are often secondary versus primary benefits.

TravelSafe offers plans with several levels of protection, all at competitive prices. The plans available include primary coverage for your trip, yourself and your belongings. This is all while insuring for things the cruise or tour operator cannot insure against – like bankruptcy or default. You’ll also receive 24-hour emergency assistance from anywhere in the world, direct payment to your medical provider in the event of an emergency, and our claims are paid in cash.

Unlike TravelSafe Insurance, many cruise and tour insurance plans only cover you during the time they are hosting you. This leave you to fend for yourself before, during and after your trip should anything disrupt your travels. Should you have to file a claim with your cruise or tour operator insurance, you may receive a credit for a future excursion versus a cash claim.

The Cancel For Any Reason benefits (CFAR) enables you to cancel your trip for reasons not covered by your policy. You can recoup up to 75% of your costs with CFAR for any unused, nonrefundable and prepaid travel expenses. Here is how Cancel For Any Reason works:

  1. Your Premium payment must be received within 21 days of your initial trip deposit or payment.
  2. you must insure the all cost of all travel arrangements.
  3. You must cancel your trip 2 days or more before your scheduled trip departure date.
  4. Residents of New York are not eligible for Cancel For Any Reason due to state regulations.

Definition: Medical conditions for which there is treatment; or a recommendation for treatment, diagnostic test or exam; or for which drugs or medicine are prescribed during the 60-day period prior to your effective date with TravelSafe are considered Pre-Existing Conditions.

To see if the medical condition is a Pre-Existing Condition, we look back 60 days prior to the effective date of your insurance. This is significantly less than many of our competitors who are anywhere from 120-180 days.

The policy exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions will be waived if your premium payment is received within 21 days of the date of the initial trip deposit is paid. Unless you meet the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver requirements detailed above, the policy does not cover Pre-Existing Conditions.

Note: Medical conditions that are treated or controlled solely with medication and remain treated or controlled without an adjustment or a change in medication during the 60-day period prior to the effective date are not considered to be Pre-Existing Conditions. See the TravelSafe policy complete details about Pre-Existing Conditions.

Our Pre-Existing Condition requirements apply only to insured travelers, not to non-traveling family members.

TravelSafe allows you to cancel or interrupt your trip due to terrorist attacks, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The terrorist act must occur in your departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination for your trip.
  2. The terrorist act must occur within 30 days of the scheduled departure date for your trip.
  3. If your supplier or tour operator offers you a substitute city on your itinerary, you are not eligible for coverage.

Many TravelSafe plans cover Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption due to bankruptcy or default (as defined in the policy) of an airline, cruise line, tour operator, or other travel supplier under the conditions listed below:

  1. The bankruptcy or default is not of the person, organization or firm from whom you directly purchased or paid for your trip.
  2. The bankruptcy or default occurs more than 14 days following your effective date for the Trip Cancellation Benefits.
  3. You insure the full cost of all Travel Arrangements and your payment for the plan is received within 21 days of the date your initial trip deposit is received.

Important: There is no coverage for any claim arising from either: 1) a bankruptcy or default which occurs before your effective date of coverage, or 2) a filing of a petition for bankruptcy which occurs before your effective date of coverage.

Flight cancellation can happen for many different reasons like bad weather, mechanical breakdown of the aircraft, or even an unannounced strike. Sometimes you can take a later flight. With TravelSafe, you can be reimbursed for the additional transportation expenses to join your trip, as long as the refunds do not exceed the cost of one-way economy or first class airfare, depending on which you were originally flying. You can also be reimbursed for the cost of any unused land or water travel arrangements.

Bad weather can mean different things to each of us. A possible rainy day is not necessarily enough to cancel your trip to Italy, but if the weather is enough to damage or close the hotel or resort and your reservation is canceled, you will be covered.

If your trip destination is under a hurricane warning issued by the NOAA National Hurricane Center, you may be eligible for the reimbursement under our Trip Cancellation Benefit. Your cancellation would have to occur 15 days after the effective date of your policy and within 48 hours of your trip. Other than this, the policy does not provide coverage if you cancel your trip based upon what might happen.

See the TravelSafe policy for complete details of this coverage.

Yes. You should determine your premium amount based upon the total cost of your trip per person, including airfare. You do not need to include the cost of any travel arrangements that are fully refundable and not subject to any cancellation penalties or restrictions.

If you have not insured the full cost of all Travel Arrangements that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions:

  1. The maximum benefit for Trip Cancellation will be limited to the amount of coverage you purchased and Trip Interruption will be limited to the stated percentage of the amount coverage you purchased for your trip.
  2. In order to qualify for “Cancel For Any Reason,” you must insure the full cost of your trip.

TravelSafe covers all baggage delays of 12 hours or more during your trip. You will be reimbursed up to your benefit limit for personal articles you buy (such as toiletries, a change of clothing, etc.). Be sure to keep receipts for anything you purchase. If requested, TravelSafe will also track your delayed or lost baggage for up to one full year.

TravelSafe provides coverage up to your benefit limit for medical expenses resulting from an illness or injury during your trip. If you must be medically evacuated to another facility or home, TravelSafe also provides coverage up to your benefit limit, for your evacuation to a hospital of your choice where you reside. See TravelSafe policy for complete details of this coverage.

TravelSafe includes a 24-hour worldwide assistance service to help you with medical or legal emergencies during your trip. See the TravelSafe policy for complete details of this service.

Frequent flyer miles are not covered if you must cancel or interrupt your trip. If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you will only be reimbursed the money actually paid for the trip. However, many TravelSafe plans to reimburse up to $150 toward the cost of an airline-imposed fees to re-bank frequent flyer miles if your trip is canceled by yo­ur travel supplier.

You must purchase travel insurance once your waitlist has cleared and your deposit was then transferred to the “cleared” waitlist/reservation.

Example: On July 1, you give a “good faith” deposit for space to clear or open up on a specific trip and that space clears on August 1. It is only from August 1 that the clock starts counting and you have 21 days to purchase the travel insurance in order to meet the terms required for the Pre-ex Waiver, Bankruptcy or Default protection and our “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit.

* Please note that a final claims determination is made based upon both the policy provisions and the written documentation we receive with your claim submission.