Coverage Available with TravelSafe

TravelSafe offers two great plans, Basic and Classic. Below are the maximum benefit amounts for Baggage Delay.

Classic Basic
Baggage Delay $250 $100

Baggage Delay Can Reimburse

What kinds of expenses can this travel protection benefit reimburse? We outline the details for you below. These are examples of covered reasons, which means there is more information in your plan documents regarding coverage. Be sure to read it in detail when purchasing a plan.

Classic Basic
Cost of reasonable additional clothing and personal articles purchased
The cost, up to $50, to expedite the return of your delayed baggage

Examples of Covered Reasons*

Covered reasons are outlined by your plan and decide what can be covered. Remember, exclusions outlined in your policy can affect covered reasons.

Classic Basic
Baggage is delayed for 12 hours or more

*These are examples of covered reasons. Additional terms apply to the covered reasons discussed.

Common Questions About This Benefit

We put together a list of common questions travelers like you have asked about our Baggage Delay benefit.

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Unfortunately not. This coverage ends upon your arrival to your return destination of your trip.